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Our tailored marketing services are designed to meet you where you are, providing the support and expertise you need to achieve your business goals.

Product Marketing

Your Key to GTM Success

Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy isn’t an afterthought—it’s a foundational element of product development. By aligning your GTM efforts with your product team from the outset, you create a powerful feedback loop:
  • User insights shape product refinement
  • Product improvements inform marketing messaging
  • Market response guides feature prioritization

This synergy between product development and GTM strategy ensures you’re not just building a product, but crafting a market-ready solution that resonates with your target audience from launch day.

Even post-launch, it’s never too late to optimize your GTM strategy. In fact, your market presence provides valuable data to fuel strategic refinements.

By revitalizing your GTM approach, you can reignite growth, expand market share, and stay ahead of competitors. 

Let’s transform your market presence from established to exceptional!


  • Aligns your product with market demands
  • Crafts compelling messaging that resonates with your target audience
  • Guides pricing strategies for optimal market penetration
  • Accelerates product adoption and customer satisfaction
  • Showcases product expertise at high-impact events

Paula is a pro, and we are glad to have found her. She brings her wealth of marketing experience to bear to create a methodical, no-nonsense approach to getting marketing kicked into gear.

Timothy Ruff

Credential Master
We chose Pollock Marketing Group because of Paula’s organized and thorough approach. (Her) holistic vision left nothing out once she took a deep dive into our business.

Ethan Andersen

Drafting Cafe

Paula gave me a list of items to tackle and prioritized them for me. After I passed the ½ way mark on this list, my sales tripled. I would highly recommend Paula!

Brandi Bishop

Owner, Artist


Performance Marketing

Driving Revenue with Actionable Data

Unlock the full potential of your marketing efforts with performance-driven strategies that directly impact your bottom line. Our approach to performance marketing  focuses on actionable data and measurable results that translate into real revenue growth.

By leveraging advanced analytics and optimization techniques, we help you:

• Identify and target your most valuable customer segments
• Allocate budget to the highest-performing channels
• Continuously refine campaigns for maximum ROI
• Track and attribute sales to specific marketing efforts

Let us show you how performance marketing can transform your marketing from a cost center to a revenue driver, creating a seamless bridge between your campaigns and your sales force.


In the right hands, marketing can provide your sales team a lot more than just collateral. 

Who better to drive your performance marketing than a fractional leader with President’s Club-level sales experience? 

Our founder, Paula Pollock, spent many years in quota-carrying roles at many F100 companies. She fully embraces collaborating with client’s top sales producers, helping them close more deals.

Marketing strategy & consulting

Helping Elevate Your Market Position

In today’s competitive landscape, an actionable marketing strategy is crucial for sustainable growth. Our consulting and strategy projects provide clients with the insight and tactical expertise needed to outperform competitors and capture market share.

Whether you’re looking to expand your market presence, launch new products, or optimize your current marketing efforts, our tailored approach aligns with your specific business objectives to drive measurable results.

Each strategic project is customized for your specific place in your product’s growth. No templates or standardized industry recommendations. 

The variations are endless and should evolve with your growth and market position.


Our marketing strategy and consulting engagements are designed for companies seeking swift, impactful results without long-term commitments. These focused interventions provide your team with clear direction and executable strategies to elevate your marketing efforts.

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