Marketing Is a Marathon

Running a marathon requires long hours of training: running, diet, strength-training, mental stamina over many, many months. 

Marketing today is the same. Customers do most of their buying research (67%) long before they call or download a paper. 

I can help you reach your target if you have a realistic timeline and a realistic budget. 


Less than what it would cost you to hire full-time marketing staff, or manage part-time contractors yourself. Our projects range from $2-5000, and our monthly outsourcing starts at $4000. You can have an entire marketing team for less than the average national full-time salary of one Marketing Manager. Compare the annual costs for yourself:

Full Time Marketing Director

Team at Pollock Marketing Group

$70-90,000 salary + $20,000 benefits

$4-6,000/month – No benefits

$90-110,000 annually

$48-72,000 annually

We vary our contracts to fit your goals. Most clients need multiple ongoing  outsourcing marketing elements and a few one-time projects. In our experience, 6 months is the optimal contract length for foundational work. The best rates are reserved for our annual contracts.

We do have some clients that run month-to-month after they start to scale their own internal teams. That’s our goal: get your marketing organized and bringing in so many leads that your business grows into the need for your own internal marketing department.


Unless I own everything in your business that influences sales – including making the sale – I can’t guarantee results. Example – We could create an amazing campaign that’s generating qualified leads and your sales team quotes incorrect pricing and blows the sale. There are too many variables in the sales cycle for marketing to guarantee revenue results.


A great way to look at a marketing results timeline is based on your budget. No matter who you are and what you sell we’ll probably need to optimize offers, lead magnets, landing pages, and sales workflows. If your budget is bigger, we can do these things as fast as possible and set up ads to drive leads fast. If your budget is small, we need to spread these things out over time.

For super fast results, I’d recommend one-month of aggressive foundation building work and a giant ad campaign in month two. Minimum cost $10k/month without ad spend.


I live for marketing attribution. (I ticked off a lot of marketing executives when I was in corporate for harping on their lack of transparency here.) When we build (or repair) your marketing foundations, I build in metrics, tracking, and dashboards into the system. I measure everything possible. At the end of each month or quarter (depending on your sales cycle) we’ll review dashboards against your past benchmarks and industry best practices.

People can lie. Numbers don’t. I will report reality to you. I don’t get a bonus for delivering positive results. Tracking needs to start before the funnel which includes PR, social, and ad results. Your PR team won’t like me. That I can promise. 😉


We have experience across many industries: Saas, enterprise software, medical, financial, business products & services, and consumer products & services. Marketing is the same to us. It’s all about your customer. We conduct extensive research and learn about your ideal customer and focus on moving them into your world, through your sales cycle, and into becoming a customer. This can focus on converting a few long, enterprise-level customers with a one-year sales cycle and $1,000,000 purchase orders, or many thousands of short sales cycles with $40 cart purchases.

We focus on clients in North America – U.S. and Canada. I meet with each client every week via video conference. I will screen share, review visual elements, send documents in need of approval or comments, and discuss progress. The only difference between us and an internal team is we don’t bug you with small things everyday. Unless you want to be part of every little decision, you and I will meet weekly to cover the high-level decisions.

Like guaranteed results, unless I own everything in your business that influences sales – including making the sale – I can’t guarantee results. That’s why we do not do pay-for-performance or equity-share contracts. 

We have tried these arrangements in the past. We need to have direct communication with the clients and most arrangements limit this. Thus, we no longer offer our our services to other marketer’s clients. If you need Marketing Strategy services for your clients, we do offer referral fees. 

Why Work With Us


Just need strategy or a project? We can do that. Need ongoing support? We can do that too.

Cost Effective

The Pollock Marketing Group has an expert team that can handle your marketing needs for less than it costs to hire one seasoned executive.


A successful marketing plan requires a team of diverse specialists to collaborate and execute. We got you covered!


No lead padding here. We provide customized data studio dashboards with LIVE data. We don’t hide reality in pretty charts and reports.


New opportunities can happen at any time. We can pivot and adjust our work to meet the ever-changing marketing demands that happen in your business.


As your company expands, it can be difficult for you to keep up with the workload of marketing and other business-related tasks. Marketing outsourcing these tasks allows you to move quickly without staffing delays.

Creative Team

Leila Henry

Creative Director

Leila Henry

Creative Director

Leila Henry

Creative Director

Alice Sharp

Creative Director

Customer Connection over Metrics

Customer-centric marketing has been overshadowed by metrics. My focus is to connect with your customer, understand their needs, and compassionately communicate your solutions so they are inspired to convert. Depending on the current state of your marketing and digital footprint, this may require some or all of the talent below. 


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