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Thank You – Ladies – for 2015

strong women 2016I will remember 2015 as the year of kick-a$$ women. A toast to my female friends and colleagues for your intelligence, support and grit in 2015.  Instead of a New Year’s Resolution post like so many others, I thought I’d put a big shout out to the gals who made 2015 great and in the tougher moments, bearable.

Co-Workers and Colleagues: You rose to some impossible challenges we faced, showed support when things got tough and joined me for a drink when we needed it! Some of you are still in those tough positions. To you, I am sending strength to stay or move on when you are ready.  I’ll be here with a recommendation.

Dishonorable Mentions: There were a few of you ladies who I sadly watched as you discounted your abilities and became pawns. You quietly did what you were told even though you knew it was wrong and that it would hurt the company. I’m not sure if you have real reasons you won’t push yourself, but I know you are better than that.  I wish you more self-esteem in 2016.

Male Colleagues: Sorry guys, but you really proved to be a disappointment this past year. While I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt, there were just too many injustices to ignore. I watched you point fingers, beat your chests, lie, pout, ignore, intimidate and bully people you work with and not expect any repercussions. I know you will continue spinning on your wheel until you realize that all people deserve respect and you will take all of those people down with you. People are loyal when they have to be or they like and respect you.

give them up

Girlfriends: You were and are amazing. I’ve been with you for your divorces, co-parenting, legal issues, aging family members, illnesses all while juggling work and children.  We already know that we have each other when we get old. I think women live longer than men because we have each other and persevere better. We know that others rely on us.

As for 2016, it will be different and better. It always is. Just like cleaning out my closets I clean out those people who don’t fit anymore and find new people who fit better: kind, fun, smart and respectful. Out with the old and in with the new!

Happy New Year to the many great ladies in my life and the few conscious men. My personal wish is for all the new people in my life in 2016 to be self-actualized and have a sense of humor!