Contextually Relevant Content or Just Blogging

My clients and future clients sometimes ask why I don’t practice what I preach – blog regularly to help support a larger SEM goal. That would require me to have a personal SEM goal for my practice, I say. However, many bloggers out there just blog to blog. This is a fine strategy if you are building your brand awareness, However, most businesses today whether they wish to reach consumers or other businesses rely on content to perform multiple duties that it isn’t optimized to deliver.

Having a primary goal for your content production is key and while it’s exciting to try to crack the code where your content ticks many boxes, it’s a ton of work that most content teams are not skilled in doing. Perfect content is: interesting to the target audience, creates conversions, helps SERP, helps PPC, helps organic and meets the moving  target of Googles content-rich algorithms. As most companies have copywriters who strive to be interesting, how can this same content also be optimized by the same person or another who doesn’t wreck the message?

This is why I don’t blog often. But when I do, it’s audience relevant.

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